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After School Band Program — Registration

Important Notice about Funding!

The 2013 Music Telethon was a success, and FEF is pleased to offer 16 weeks of band classes for the 2013-2014 school year!  Help us reach our goal of 25 weeks by donating $250.00 or more now!

Your donation by September 30 will determine how many weeks of band class FEF will offer during the 2013-2014 school year.

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After School Band Program - Online Registration 

2013-2014 After School Band online registration is now open. Please review your Registration Packets carefully before registering.

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Class Schedules

Band classes start between mid-October and early November and end in April or May. Dates & times of band sessions vary depending on school site; however, most begin 10 minutes after school dismissal. The class list and start date and times for your school's band class will be posted by your school's office staff during the first week of October.

Advanced Band Classes

FEF is proud to offer one Advanced Level Band Class in each Attendance Area, at a designated school site. These classes are for 6th graders with two years of band experience. The Advanced Band classes generally play more band arrangements. They also play exercises to prepare the students for Junior High Band. You are responsible for your student's transportation to the designated school site. Students can also choose to attend both the Intermediate Band class at their school site and the Advanced class at its designated location.

Class Requirements

Instruments: Students will wait until the first day of class to sign up for an instrument to play. Students are responsible for obtaining their own instrument and purchasing an instruction book. Some instruments may have prerequisites. Parents, please rent or purchase instruments from a music store only (buying from Big Box stores or online can be inexpensive, but the instruments are low-quality and cause problems for the students).

Note to Returning Students: Students continuing in the program from last year MUST re-register to participate this year. Please bring your instrument and book to the first day of class. Be prepared to audition for a spot in the Intermediate or Advanced class. If you would like to switch to a different instrument, or play a second one, sign up for the Beginning band class to start the year and the Band instructor will work with you to decide which class is the best fit.

ASB Class Policy

Parents and students must read, sign and turn in the After School Band 2013-2014 Policies form to their band instructor on the first day of band class. Download After-School Band Class Policies

Volunteer Hours

To ensure the continued success of the ASB program, FEF relies on its ASB Parent Volunteers. There are many ways that you can help. You will be able to indicate areas of interest when you register and our volunteer coordinator will contact you at the appropriate time. 


Please call (510) 659-2561 or email our After School Band Coordinator at band@fremont-education.org