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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 1997-1998


Computer Interface Equipment for the Science Laboratory

W. Kirk Sikkema, Irvington High School, grades 10,11, 12 (150 students) - $1,888


Practice Makes Perfect: Vivace Means No More Lonely Hours in the Practice Room

Richard F. Wong, American High School, grades 9-12 (100 students) - $1,542


P.A.W.S. (Protecting Animals With Science)

Diane Kratz, Robertson High School, grades 9-12, (250 students) - $1,801


Videotaped Phonics Lessons for Kindergarten Skills Reinforcement

Diana Sturtevant, Millard School, Kindergarten (30+ students) - $2,500


Stop, Look, and Listen: Home-School Listening Kits

Judith Orr, Karen Burke, Louise Persson, Hirsch School, grades K-6 (225 students) - $2,068


Catch the Kids Who Fall through the Cracks: Remedial Phonics in the Upper Grade Classroom

Valerie Caveglia, Vallejo Mill School, grade 4-6 (18-28 students) - $893.


From the Tigris to the Tiber: a Student-Centered Journey through Time

David Thornley, Warm Springs School, grade 6 (30 students) - $1,141


First Grade Hatchery

Kathleen Whitchurch, Susan McKittrick, Theresa Tolbertson, Donna Carpenter, Zelma Nunez-Borja, Grimmer School, grade 1 (100 students) - $435