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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 1999-2000

The following 9 grants (totaling $12,361.02) have been funded for 1999-2000. Congratulations to all our recipients!


Motivation and Learning Through Multi-Media

Michael Legan, Robertson High School, grades 10-12 (200 students) - $1,578.33. 


Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Dana Bailey, Brookvale School, kindergarten (80 students) - $669.90.


Watching Success Grow

Zelda Thomas, Robertson High School, grades 9-12 (40 students) - $337.68.


Accelerated Reading for Resource Students

Roberta Fitzpatrick, Thornton Jr. High School, grades 7-8 (42 students) - $1,633.59.


From Incubators to Sterilizers: An Introduction to Microbiology for Junior High School Students

Gregory Bonaccorsi, Hopkins Jr. High School, grade 7 (150 students) - $1,323.30.


Oh, YUCK! Worms, Garbage, Math and Science

Diane Kratz, Robertson High School, grades 9-12 (50 students) - $623.51.


Expansion of School-wide Accelerated Reader Program

Yvonne Moulton, Thornton Jr. High School, grades 7-8 (728+ students) - $2,949.82.


California History Through Student-Created Slide Show Presentations

Hillary Lewis-Wolfson, Forest Park School, grade 4 (30 students) - $344.89.


Tule Pond Water Quality Project

Candace King Sykes, American High School, grades 9-12 (446 initially, 956 later) - $2,900.