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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2000-2001

The following 6 grants (totaling $12,471.67) have been funded for 2000-2001. Congratulations to all our recipients!


Conflict Resolution Management

Melinda Udelhoven, Azevada Elementary - $2,900


Mapping United States History

Beth Bonomo, Hopkins Jr. High - $2,099.58


WHOA - Writing History about Ohlones with Alphasmarts

Merry Sommers, Mission San Jose High - $2,870.42


Literacy Journal Written & Produced by Jr. High English Students

Jane Turner, Thornton Jr. High - $1,600


Multimedia: Gateway to Learning

Fred Fernainy, Hopkins Jr. High - $899


Success Using Technology

Steven Buller, Robertson High School - $2,102