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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2001-2002

The following 6 grants (totaling $12,626.24) have been funded for 2001-2002. Congratulations to all our recipients!


Multimedia Presentations to Enrich the Learning of the Ancient Civilization

Denise Mapelli, Brookvale Elementary - $2,293.40

Using multimedia hard/software to create Power Point presentations which demonstrate student knowledge of the ancient civilization curriculum. Students will compare modern and ancient civilizations in their presentations.


Eager Editors-Using Word Processing to Improve Student Editing and Writing Skills

Larry Roe, Mission Valley Elementary - $2,990.76

Improving students' writing skills by enhancing their limited weekly computer lab time with the use of AlphaSmart 3000 portable computers for word processing.  The student writing will be saved on disks and these stories would be used for group editing practice on the class computer utilizing the classroom TV as a large monitor.


Bridging the Math Divide

Zack Larsen, Gomes Elementary - $3,000

Accelerated Math will be used to help students master math objectives. There will be four areas covered when using this computer based program: Time on Appropriate Practice; Learning Information System; Math Motivation System; and Motivate, Instruct, Monitor, and Intervene.


The Math/Music Connection

Sue Ellen Tomasic, Maloney Elementary - $374.50

Math/Music Connection is a twelve-lesson program using "Math in the Middle of Music" videos.  Each part of the video instructs students in rhythm, sound, harmony and shows the mathematical connection.


Applied Biotechnology

Gary Benz, American High - $2,871

Both components of the bio/technology strand will be taught to students. These are the scientific fundamentals and skills acquisition.  Students will use gel electrophoresis to demonstrate isolation of proteins and DNA. This conceptual background part of the strand will emphasize structure, role, physical and chemical properties of biomolecules through this hands on approach.


Sew Smart!

Barbara Smith, Robertson High School - $1,096.58

Students in the teen parenting classes will learn to make soft, washable, cloth, story books as part of the emphasis on Family Literacy.  Students will also learn to make finger and hand puppets to use in story telling, and in the development of oral communication skills.