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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2002-2003

The following 7 grants (totaling $14,037.55) have been funded for 2002-2003. Congratulations to all our recipients!


Sensory System Connection

Lorianne Walker, Mattos School - $1,815.90

This grant is focused in on the Lindamood-Bell processing techniques to assist Special Day Class students labeled “dyslexic or “learning disabled”. This program assists students that have weak recognition, weak spelling skills, and problems with comprehension.  The teachers have already attended the inservices for this program  and will purchase the materials they need. 


Conflict Resolution/Peace Empowerment

Melinda Udelhoven, Azevada School - $2,950.00 

Students will be trained in Leadership and Conflict Resolution.  High school students will be used as peers.  The program uses I-messages, active listening skills, critical thinking/problem solving skills, trained peer advocates, and advisors to teach students to act rather than react to problems/crisis situations in a productive, healthy manner.


For the Love of Reading

Richard Nance/Jen Checchi, Warwick School - $2,985.13 

This program will augment the adopted reading series, by adding to the classroom library and will follow the themes in  new reading series.  The books chosen will be varied by reading level difficulty to meet the needs of all the students.  The books will also be used for research projects to cover the Science and Social Science areas,  and for the love of reading. 


Math in Concert with Terrifically Tuned Technology

Zelda Thomas, Robertson High - $1,386.20

Through the use of highly motivational computer software and an up to date computer, this grant will provide additional experiences to assist students in their mathematical achievement.  At risk students need to see the practical application of what is being taught leading to improved academic abilities and consumer skills for the adult world.


Building Fluency to Achieve Comprehension

Kathleen Francisco, Patterson School - $3,000.00

This grant will support the Read Naturally program that supports students who score below the 25% on the STAR.  It emphasizes fluency and leads to growth in comprehension. The program is three prong with the process of teacher modeling, repeated readings, and student self-monitoring.  It is currently at the school site but with limited access.  It will also be used as a take-home component for home-school intervention.


Every Child an Author

Darlene Guzman, Centerville Jr. High - $548.00

This grant will support the publishing of student work.  Students will produce a class collection of their original writing, graphics, poems, and integrated projects using a spiral bookbinding system.  Students may also bind their whole body of finished work from the whole year.  Other teachers can also use this equipment for similar projects since the Manual Punch/Binding System is on wheels and can roll to other classrooms.


Using Technology as a Hands-On Technique for Better Learning 

John Soulis, Robertson High - $1,353.32

This grant will assist with the influx of students to the classroom.  The purchase of CD roms and a computer system provides a motivational, multimedia learning method for an individual or a small group of students.  The CD presents up-to-date science concepts and theories in an interesting and “hands-on” problem solving method.  Interactive tutorials are included with the CD which presents scenarios and questions about each of the topics.  Using current technology helps capture our students’ attention.