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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2003-2004


Young Writer’s Powerful Tool

Rosemary Cortez, Gomes School - $2,942.21

This grant is for purchasing 15 AlphaSmarts that will enable second graders access to word processing opportunities that are currently being provided in the school’s Computer Lab.  Students will be able to carry back to the classroom activities that they have been working on that include independent and collaborative writing activities using a variety of genres.  She will be serving 120 students.


Keyboarding for Computer Success

Louisa Lee, Centerville Junior High - $885.00

This grant will assist the classroom teacher with teaching keyboarding skills to her junior high students.  She will use this program to deliver proper keyboarding skills faster, with a computer based training application.  She will be serving 300 students.


Read It Again!

Anjum Mujeeb, Glankler School - $3,000.00

This grant will be for a take home reading program for preschool students.  Students will be taking the books purchased home each evening with activities and extended lesions for parents to implement at home.  This interaction with parents will promote language development.  Informative web sites, links, and additional web resources will be incorporated into the parent information.  This grant will serve 30 -42 students.


I Can Read

Kay Sexton, Warwick School - $2,991.42

This grant will augment the adopted reading series with a take home reading program.  Themes would include those found in the Open Court Reading series and in the science and social studies curriculum. All these materials will relate to grad level standards.  The books will range from slightly below grade level to above grade level, to ensure beginning success, and allow for enrichment.  The grant will serve 40, second grade students.


The Recorder Is In Order

Felecia Essex, Brier School - $2,107.30

This grant includes giving students the opportunity to learn how to play the recorder. The recorder uses the German fingering system that was suggested by the attendance area band director.  The music books that will also be purchase introduce learning about beat and rhythm through pictorial representations.  The grant will serve 180, second and third grade students.