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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2004-2005


Look Teacher, No Peeking!

Maureen Addiego, Cabrillo School - $404.64

This grant is for 4 , 10 packs, of Speedskins that will be used to cover the letter keys on  the keyboards in the Computer Lab.  These covers will assist students with not looking at and relying on the letters on the keyboard.  This will also assist students in learning and perfecting their typing skills. The grant will serve 340 students in grades 1-6.


Reading Reporters

Janelle Schilling, Oliveira School - $1,138.11

This grant will enable the classroom teacher to purchase leveled classroom libraries for two rooms.  These will

correlate with the Open Court reading program.  After reading several selections, a student will do a video presentation of their review on the book they choose.  These will be shared with other students in the classroom.  Viewing and listening to the video will motivate students to read, and will also be used at the introduction of a new theme to motivate future classes to read and create their own taped reviews.  Comprehension and fluency will improve as students read materials at their own level.  The grant will serve 40 students in grades 2, but will be used by many more in the future.


Lexia Learning Software For Reading Intervention

Kim Kelly, Parkmont School - $2,800.00

The Lexia Learning has developed software that teaches the range of skills required for successful reading, from letter identification to understanding Greek and Latin root words.  This grant will enable the school to purchase licenses for K-3 software (25 users), for 4-12 software (5 users), and  for testing components.  This program will go right along with our Open Court reading program.  It is especially valuable when working with English Language Learners.  The grant will serve 600 students in grades 1-6 right now and will be used in the future years with more students.


Book Club

Anita Vanegas, Chadbourne School - $2,726.25

Book clubs are a variation of the Open Court Reading Seminar.  Students meet with their book club during independent reading and workshop time.  Using multiple copies of quality early to intermediate chapter books by a variety of authors, groups of students will read together.  They will also discuss story plots and record new vocabulary.  They will work together on a project to present their book to the class.  Chapter books, support materials (packets and novel studies for vocabulary and discussion questions and audio tapes of books), along with book caddies to store the books will be purchased using the grant monies.  This grant will serve 100 third graders and will go on to be used in future years.


Barbie Bungee Jumping

Kathy Fields, Centerville Junior High - $654.00p>

This grant will purchase ten Texas Instruments – 73 Explores, ten Barbie dolls, and ten bags of rubber bands.  The activity involved experimentation, measurement, data collection, proportions, determining and graphing ordered pairs, graphing linear equations both manually and technologically, and problem solving.  The students will need to use their materials to gather data in the form of ordered pairs relating numbers or rubber bands to the length of a bungee jump.  Students will have an opportunity to apply specific “standards” skills to real-life situations, to do more problem solving, and to enhance their math technology skills.  This grant will serve 171, seventh grade students and can be used again each year with others.


The Kindergarten Connection

Brannin Dorsey, Parkmont - $2,010.54

Currently many students enter kindergarten unprepared.  At kindergarten registration, educational activity kits containing many school tools such as scissors, pencils with grips, glue sticks, crayons, alphabet and number flash cards, a laminated copy of the alphabet in D’Nealian manuscript, a chart of the ten basic colors, and the six basic shapes, and a packet of rhyming, cut and paste, sorting, and handwriting activities will be handed out.  The kit will also have directions for the parents in English and Spanish.  These activities will give the children a chance to gain valuable educational experiences and it will help them become better prepared for kindergarten.  This grant will serve 360 Kindergarten students over a three year period.


Word Processing/Keyboarding with Alpha Smarts

Mary Lou Kroes, Leitch School - $2,154.18

The addition of ten Alpha Smarts (portable, battery-operated text writers) in the Computer Lab, at school, will provide all students with the tools necessary to word process stories, letters, research papers, and practice keyboarding skills.  Students will have equitable time to develop and practice word processing and keyboarding skills as well as provide a creative way for students to improve their writing skills.  This grant will serve 350 students in grades 1-2 and will be used in future years.


“Picture This”

Bonnie Curtis, Cabrillo School - $3,000.00

This grant will allow the school to purchase Photo Libraries and CD-roms to be used by teachers daily, during differentiated instruction (Workshop), to provide visual comprehensible input through direct instruction in core conversational vocabulary and the pre-teaching of vocabulary directly related to Open Court themes.  The sets of photos will be available to teachers as needed and each teacher will have a CD for their classroom.  The CD includes material in eight different languages, which will be very beneficial due to the many languages spoken by students.  Students can access vocabulary and definitions in their own language and then they hear it in English.  The CD also includes a photo index, sound effects, flash cards, games, and geography connections.  These materials will be used for whole/small group instruction as well as in a listening center.  All pieces of this product will assist all students with their learning even though the targeting of support will go to the English Language Learner.  This grant will serve 110 students in grades K-6 and will be used each year with additional students.


Technology to The Rescue

Steven Buller, Robertson High School - $1,722.40

This grant is for a computer and a super drive, along with software to cover high school science curriculum and state standards.  Students come to this class at various times of the school year and there is a new student orientation every two weeks.  Using current technology helps keep students focused for a longer duration of time.  The use of this award winning CD’s and a computer system provides a motivating, multimedia learning method for an individual or a small group of students.  Science units will be developed to help the students follow the narration which will help facilitate the learning process.  This grant will serve 325 students in grades 9 – 12 and will continue to be used each year.


Statistical Analysis Using Computer Software

Aaron Butler, American High School - $1,092.50

This grant will enable the classroom teacher to introduce the students to MINITAB.  This software will assist with covering data analysis topics and prepare students for the AP Exam.  In addition, more than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide and a majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on MINITAB for statistical analysis.  That means that student will become familiar with an indispensable tool that they are likely to see again at their chosen university and get a head start on a package they may use later in their careers.  This grant will serve over 60 students in grades 11 – 12, along with continual use, each school year, with students.


Visual Art and Animation Career Skills

Todd Elkin, Washington High School - $2,991.00

This grant will serve the needs for technical assistance with a new class called “Narrative Art”.  The class will cover various stands-based animation techniques, utilizing computers, graphics and animation software, video cameras, and scanners.  Students will plan and create 2-dimensional cell animations, clay animations, 3-dimensional computer generated animations and “cut-out” animations.  The creation of these projects will mirror the processes used by professional animators.  Students will create storyboards, character studies, written synopsis, timing sheets, and construct model sets in preparation for creating their own animated sequences.  The grant will allow the purchase of three Gateway Computer Systems, including keyboards, monitors, and Epson Scanners.  This grant will serve 170 students in grades 9 -12 and more in the future.


Learning with Audio Books

Arti Steinkamp, Warwick School - $2,994.00

This grant will assist with the development of an “at home reading program” in which students have access to quality chapter books and accompanying audio books.  Audio books strengthen comprehension, improve and encourage active listening skills, build vocabulary, increase fluency and language skills, and stimulate independent reading.  Titles would include extended reading books from the Open Court reading program, historical fiction that support social studies curriculum, and selections from Fremont’s core and extended literature lists.  The grant will allow the purchasing of 150 chapter books, 150 audio books, and 150 plastic string envelopes.  This grant will serve 120 students in the fourth grade and will be used in following years with additional fourth grade students.


African American Slave Quilts

Anna Neses, Cabrillo School - $2,565.00

Quilt-making will be taught to student with an African-American slave theme.  Symbolism will be taught through color choices, scale of fabric strips, and composites of those strips.  Students will learn the value of visual choice-making to recreate an historical fold art.  The impact of slavery will be symbolized in a fabric medium to best understand African-American slaves and their art.  A quilt show will be presented to the school on Martin Luther King Junior’s birthday.  This grant will serve 100, 3-5 grade students.