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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2005-2006


Leveled Classroom Library

Joan Keyser, Niles Elementary School - $650.36

Second grade students will use the leveled classroom library to increase fluency and knowledge through differentiated instruction during unit studies. Students will also develop their vocabulary through independent reading.


Reading Is Comprehensible

Casey Morreira, Walters Jr. High - $2,206.73

Seventh and eight grade students with various learning disabilities will increase knowledge of word origins to determine the meaning of specialized vocabulary and use of words in context.


The Interactive Foreign Language Classroom     

Daly Dominguez, Kennedy High School - $2,500.00

Incorporated Mind Point, a daily quiz show routine, will engage 9-12 grade students in a visually animated question and answer session. A laptop and a digital projector will be used. The program creates daily scenarios, going shopping, or going to the bank. By completion of each Mind Point unit, the student will demonstrate the ability to speak and use the specific vocabulary accurately and confidently.



Dana Bailey, Brookvale Elementary School - $1,284.00

This program will sequentially cover all kindergarten math standards by having the students work independently through a series of mini lessons and task cards that have a self-checking component. The program will re-teach skills for children that need intervention as well as meet the needs of those who are advanced. This is a self-paced supplemental program to be used simultaneously with the district adopted math program.


Algebra Is Reasonable

Linda Johnson, Walters Jr. High - $437.00

Through the use of algebra tiles and manipulatives, 7th and 8th grade students attending the resource program will begin to illustrate concepts and use oral and written language to express them. Students will progress from working with integers, variables, and expressions to solving equations and finally to graphing linear equations and interpreting graphs using graphing boards and charts.


Expanding Classroom Library and Reading Comprehension    

Denise Mapelli, Brookvale Elementary School - $2,193.70

Through the use of high quality books, third grade students will gain an understanding and appreciation of many different library genres. An in-class library will be set up where students check books out as part of the literature rich environment, participate in literature discussions, and complete inquiries to further understand the various genres or themes.


Where Everybody Belongs (WEB Advisory Program)

Rita Detar, Thornton Jr. High - $3,000.00

Using the program, “Where Everybody Belongs” (WEB), 7th graders are randomly assigned to eight grade mentors who are nominated for the program the previous spring. Eight graders are trained in August to contact their members before orientation, greet them during orientation, and do team building activities. Mentors provide 10 critical thinking activities/ leadership skills to seventh grade students during the year as well as lunchtime WEB activities. Eight graders are also trained in conflict management and resolution to help the school community. 


Replacing a Phobia with Enthusiasm

Leslie Streight, Chadbourne Elementary School - $1,349.24

Students create power point presentations in literature, vocabulary, history, and science. Using an LCD projector, they will be able to present their power point presentations to their peers. This will help them clarify and support spoken ideas with evidence and examples using oral communication. All students, including English Learners, will learn to improve their “volume, pitch, phrasing, pace, modulations, etc.”


Tome for Technology Proficiency

Louisa Lee, Centerville Jr. High - $1,388.26

Students will  use the Glencoe Computer Connections Projects & Applications book to achieve computer literacy standards set forth in the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and become technology literate. This program is focused on computer projects and applications and covers curriculum in all Microsoft Office 2000 applications.


Improving Math Performance through Manipulatives-Based Workshop

Teresa Spix, Azevada Elementary School - $1,648.75

Students will learn math standards through manipulative throughout the week in workshop-based activity centers. Lower achieving students will be able to access the materials with teacher assistance. Higher achieving students will be able to advance through differentiated activities without being set apart from the rest. These workshop stations will be designed to supplement the district adopted textbook. The manipulatives purchased through IEG grant come in a well organized workshop-based activity centers produced by Cuisenaire ETA.