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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2007-2008


Entrepreneurial Inquiry Project

Teresa Silva and Veronica Aguilar, Grimmer Elementary School - $1,253.40


Diverse Approach to Writing

Katleen Caine, Harvey Green Elementary School - $2,694.00


Mastering Interviewing with Audio Visual

Dave Skillings, Washington High School - $962.46


Using Technology to Increase Student Achievement

Karen Correia and Heidi Castle, Millard Elementary School - $2,990.38


Mathematics Lesson Computer Delivery

David Takacs, American High School - $2820.00


Developing Mathematical Ideas Through

Denise Mapelli, Brookvale Elementary School - $654.25


Mobile Museums

Dierdre Owens, Brier Elementary School - $2914.50


Problem Solving and Teamwork Through Robotics

James Sanders,  Warm Springs Elementary School - $2,955.00


Ethnic Studies Program to Build Cultural Awareness

Risha Krishna, Mission San Jose High School - $1,064.00


Using Digital Microscopy to Explore the World Around Us

Maria DeLuz and Susan Quan, Leitch Elementary School - $3,000.00


Portable Functional Communication Technology for Teenagers with Autism

Rebecca Smith, Hopkins Jr. High School - $2,964.30


Mathematics Comes Alive With Technology

Mei-Feng Howell, American High School - $2541.86