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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2009-2010


History Newscast/Oral History

Project will allow students to create their own historical newscasts based on the California State Standards for Social Studies. It is an interesting and entertaining vehicle for all students to better understand history.

Charles Jennings, Centerville--$2,983.00


Talk to the Text for Literacy

A document camera allows for students to become interactive with any text including their own work which can be projected, analyzed, reviewed, critiqued and shared.

Daly Dominguez, Hsiue Liao & Minah Qadir, Kennedy High School-- $1,174.33


Learning by Moving

At least 90% of participating students will be able to identify the upper and lowercase alphabet, numbers 1 to 20 and colors.

Linda Meyer & Dana Danyanovitch, Leitch Elementary School-- $566.02


The Visual Arts Connection- Cave Paintings to Writing

Second grade students will participate in lessons integrating the Visual Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies and Technology to develop oral and written language skills.

Maria De Luz, Leitch Elementary School-- $1,064.00


4, 5, 6 Fit!

Students will be involved in daily fitness activity using the engaging and exciting Wii Fit

Sue Ellen Tomasic, Michelle Snowden, Sheree Jordan, and Alana Chand, Maloney Elementary School-- $2,851.81


Building a Community of Readers

A visualizer projector will provide opportunities for students to observe and analyze the language and writing techniques used by authors to communicate meaning.

Mary Jo Taylor, Warm Springs Elementary School--$1,480.53


Mathematical Strategies in Problem Solving

Students will develop, share, examine, analyze, and evaluate multiple mathematical strategies while solving problems addressed in the CA State Mathematical Standards.

Kristin K. Leo, Hirsch Elementary School--$1,746.63


GBC: Games Build Communities

Students need safe environments with structured activities to emphasize working as a community, while learning to socially interact in a positive manner.

Laura Guajardo, Horner Jr. High School--$622.21


Digital Storytelling and Film Festival

Students will create original, literature based short films through the use of digital technology.

Greg Sherrod, Mattos Elementary School--$2,791.61


Innovative Writing Stations

Students will participate in five writing stations all aimed at strengthening skills related to the writing process.

Laura Dean, Brookvale Elementary School--$2,999.05


The Breakfast Book Club

The Breakfast Club will focus on reading comprehension and fluency skills. The club will also utilize visual and performing arts techniques to build skills.

Melissa Becker & Nicole Young, Warm Springs Elementary School--$2,968.50


Quiz Masters: To Literature Circles and Beyond

Providing engaging, informal assessments, students write and record quiz questions based on nightly reading onto a Quizzillion console, then lead as peers "buzz in" answers.

Joanne Gouveia, Hirsch Elementary School--$684.83


The Chemistry of Compost

Students will use waste to create various compost mixes and determine optimal conditions by monitoring acidity, moisture, temperature, and time to complete the compost process.

Candace Sykes, American High School--$2,849.44


Thinking with Standards through Analytical Study of Weather

This grant will provide engaging meteorological tools for the purpose of meeting science curriculum standards white providing creative and critical thinking opportunities for students.

James Sanders, Warm Springs Elementary School--$988.42


Going West

Students will create a play reliving California's Gold Rush, applying the science and mathematics of the time, thinking creatively, and resolving fellow 49'er conflicts.

Teresa Silva & Veronica Aguilar, Grimmer Elementary School--$1,697.71