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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2014-2015

Learn to Code, Code to Learn 

All students gain fundamental 21st century skills in computer programming while creating visually stimulating interactive schoolwork and science presentations through Tynker and Espresso Coding softwares.

Seth Colitz: Mattos Elementary$2,650.00

Evaluating Apps for ESL

A cohort of ESL students will review and recommend apps for learning English and compile a resource for use in a drop-in mini lab.

Sharon Ram: Fremont Adult School$2,927.00

Circuitry for the Future

Students will explore, investigate, and construct circuitry involving sound, light, and movement to inspire them in the engineering and technology world.

Mary Ann Loeswick: Mission San Jose Elementary$233.34

Success in Math with Technology 

The grant will help my visual learners in the math lab with the help of interactive applications like Hands On Equations to get a solid foundation in basic algebra.

Manju Chandna: Walters Jr. High School$2,985.50

Using Observing and Presenting Art on a Grand Scale

Students will observe, analyze and critique artwork collaboratively as they view it enlarged through the use of a document camera.

Lynne Ginsberg: Hopkins Jr. High School$488.32

Stanford Summer Institute/Books

At Stanford's King Institute, students deepen their understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King's work by collaboratively researching historic documents and engaging in lively discussions in an academically rigorous setting.

Rishna Krishna & Alfonso Thompson:
Mission San Jose & Washington High Schools$650.00

Resisting Dehumanization: Holocast Unit/Books

This interdisciplinary unit explores the theme of resistance to dehumanization through the memoir Night, the film Defiance, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel Maus.

Chandra Friend & Julie Rooney: Irvington High School$2,268.00

Leap Into Learning

Students will practice critical kindergarten skills with accuracy by using Leap Frog.

Alicia Norling & Michelle Forbes: Green Elementary$2,991.65

Making Math Matter for All

Tenmarks will engage, motivate and support 4th-6th grade students as they endeavor into the world of Math. This program will support students as they gain the skill to problem-solve.

Judy Cuturrufo & Barbara Danska: Oliveira Elementary$3,000.00

Creating Engaged Readers/Innovative Books & Technology

As an RTI Coach, I need access to hundreds of K-2 books for bilingual and struggling readers in order to develop their basic early literacy skills to bring students within grade-level performance.

Celeste Mina: Oliveira Elementary$1,399.56

IWB's to Facilitate Creativity/Flow with Instructional Delivery

An interactive Whiteboard (IWB) at the center of my instruction will allow me to track class progress, will allow students to access material and media on the computer and internet, and will also allow ALL school site students to use music creation software for a fraction of typical costs.

Adrien Gleason: Ardenwood Elementary$1,710.00

Crossfit Kids Program

Crossfit Kids focuses on strength and conditioning, also cultivating confidence and self esteen in students, essential for physical fitness as well as across the curriculum.

Wesley Williams: Azevada Elementary$3,000.00