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Innovative Education Grants — Grant Recipients 2015-2016

Innovate Our Classroom with Project-Based Learning 

Chrome Notebooks, Digital Microscope

Sonia Lopez: Washington$2,971.01

Water, Water, Water

iPads, Resources from Lakeshore Learning, & Amazon including water filtration kit

Maria DeLuz: Leitch$3,000.00

Menus: Serving All through Blended Learning

Dell laptops

Jennifer Blenis: Leitch$2,721.04

Panther Pacers 

Supplies, mileage markers, speakers, sound system

Kelly Tarkowski/Brittany Holscher: Parkmont$3,000.00

iPad Presentations

iPad mini's

Jermaine Williams: Thornton$2,956.80

Story time with iPads


Heather Carroll: Azevada$1560.55

Cartoon Craze:Renaissance Scientisty as Cartoon Characters


Ray Flores: Thornton$2,648.00

Modernizing the Socratic Seminar with Chromebooks

Chrome Books & Google Apps

Tsu-Hei Lin: Warm Springs$2,804.67

California road Trip via iPad


Joanna Simon: Gomes$2,926.04

Lights, Camera, Action…Summarize!

iPad Air's

Emily Blackburn: Oliveira$2,496.66

Protecting the biodiversity in our community

Chrome Books & Garden Supplies

Alaka Devi: Millard$3,000.00

Science Lab for Special Ed Students

Microscopes, dissection trays, kits, aprons, gloves

Dipa Kalra: Irvington$2,281.95

It's Child's Play: Building Collaborative Problem Solving Skills Thru Games

Array of board games

Christina Taylor: Oliveira$2,004.00