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Innovative Education Grants — Celebrate Fremont Grant Recipients 2005-2006

Our School History Quilt

Kristy Leo, Hirsch Elementary School - $300.00

Every student will help in designing a class square showing history of Fremont after researching and finding historical data. These squares will be put together to form a quilt representing historical events and fact about their school in Fremont during the past 50 years.


Wes Gordon Fossil Hall Science Trip

Pat Gordon, Maloney Elementary School - $700.00

Students will go on a walking field trip to the Wes Gordon Fossil Hall at the Math/ Science Nucleus in Fremont. They will study specimens unique to the Fremont area and apply this study to ecosystems, geology, animal adaptations, and paleontology compared to archaeology. Students will learn about the fossil discoveries made in the Bell Quarry during the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Hearing about young scientists who advanced science and local fossil history in their


Heart of a the School Community Service Project

Michelle Snowden, Maloney Elementary School - $1,000.00

Students will be engaged in beautifying the library/media center and the currently-underdeveloped garden areas around it. Fifth graders will research native plants to attract butterflies and birds. They will design the garden, plant it with the help of first and second graders. The kindergarten students will grow butterfly larva to observe and release in the garden. Third graders will create 50 stepping stones commemorating Fremont’s 50 years. Fourth graders will create five quilted wall hangings showing different aspects of Fremont’s history and geography. Sixth graders will plan a culminating celebration, keep a database of community helpers, provide publicity releases, and maintain ongoing documentation and records. Each grade level will write letters inviting community members to help. They will follow up by writing thank-you notes.     


A Look at the Past

Jennifer Purnell, Brier Elementary School - $1,000.00

Purchase twenty copies of Washington Township: a Pictorial History, to share among the three fifth grade classrooms at the school. Using these books, along with the textbook adopted by Fremont Unified School District, students will learn about the Ohlone, Mission San Jose, the Rancho Era, the area’s agricultural past, Ardenwood, pioneer families (including the Patterson’s, Shinn's, and Vallejos) the history of Niles, and the building of the bridges across the bay. They will then take a field trip to the Fremont History Museum, Ardenwood, or Shinn House. Families will be encouraged to visit these places as well.