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Guy Emanuele Sports Fund

Ardenwood Elementary School principal and league director Jennifer Casey with Henry Hutchins
Centerville Junior High Principal Sherry Strausbaugh with Henry Hutchins
Hopkins Junior High Principal Mary Miller
Horner Junior High Principal Steve Musto
Thornton Junior High Stan Hicks
Walters Junior High Principal Brian Weems

Elementary School Grants

In November 2013, FEF's Guy Emanuele Sports Fund presented Elementary School Basketball League Sports Grants of $300 each for boys' and girls' teams at 24 Fremont Unified School District schools.

On December 11, 2013, a check was presented to Jennifer Casey, Ardenwood Elementary School principal and league director, by FEF Vice President Henry Hutchins on behalf of Fremont Education Foundation. A total of 22 Fremont Elementary schools received $300 each to pay for referees.

Junior High Grants

GESF presented 5 sports grants of $1,500 each to the Junior High Schools of Fremont Unified School District. Grants were presented by Henry Hutchins to the principals and vice principals of each school for the following sports programs:

High School Grants

GESF presented 43 Fall sports grants to athletes and cheerleaders from all five FUSD high schools totaling $8,218.97.

The Fall grant application deadline is September 30, 2015. Applications are available on this website.

The Guy Emanuele Sports Fund is dedicated to enabling greater participation in school-sponsored sports programs, by individual students with scholarships to help offset costs of equipment, sportswear, transportation costs, fees, shoes, sports bags, tournament fees, and other related items required for participation. Currently, the focus is scholarships to enable Fremont Unified School District high school students to participate in after-school sports and cheerleading.

From its inception in 2003, FEF received applications from virtually every high school in a variety of after-school participants in both boys and girls sports and cheerleading programs FEF was proud to award scholarships in football, baseball, swimming, track & field, and cheerleading.

FEF is currently able to award up to $200 per scholarship recipient, funds permitting. A student may receive more than one scholarship if participating in different sports seasonally. Whether a scholarship is awarded, and the amounts of such scholarships, if any, are completely within the discretion of FEF.

The funding of scholarships is contingent upon verification by FEF that the student has been accepted on the squad.

Apply for a scholarship.

An important glimpse into a past GESF event!

Fremont Run 4 Education

2013 Run 4 Education — Fundraising Event for the Guy Emanuele Sports Fund

The Run 4 Education event was held on Sunday, October 27, 2013. So far the event has a net of $26,211.75 with a runner registration of over 500 and 43 sponsors. Mattos Elementary School won the elementary registration challenge, with 56 registered students, parents, teachers, and principal racing, and was awarded a check for $1,000 on November 15.

Mattos Elementary check presentation
Fremont Education Foundation Vice President Henry Hutchins, FEF Run 4 Education coordinator Dr. Melanie Coronel and Lam Research Sr. Manager Julie Moore present a check for $1,000 to Mattos Elementary School principal Liza Muzaffery. Mattos registered the most runners for the Fremont Run 4 Ed of Fremont Unified's 29 elementary schools.

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